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We established in 2006 , export to more than 30 countries, OEM for many famous brands,is one of the worlds Premier Purveyor of Diamond Tools.
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Multipurpose diamond saw blades. Concave Blades are designed for heavy duty and maximum production curved cut (sink hole) jobs on a large variety of material.

Choosing the correct hand diamond polihing pad is very important,good tools can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

Diamond saw blades for polishing, cutting, coring, edging, grinding, and more.

Electroplated diamond flap disc is used for shapping, beveling and grinding edges,more forgiving than heavier cup wheels.Beyond exceptional lifetime they show a smooth consistent finish.It's a good Diamond tools.

Diamond tools for all construction applications,Vacuum brazed core got your covered, whether you’re drilling smaller in marble tile or through a reinforced concrete floor.

About Us
View of our factory

Protec Tools Co.,Limited ,was established in 2006. As a professional and experiened diamond tools manufacturer , provide best quality diamond saw blades,diamond blades,diamond grinding wheel,TCT blade,etc.

We have professional R&D team of new products, complete production equipment and advanced production technology.Make our customers work easier , more efficient and lower cost is what we always focused on . By continuous research, successful and unsuccessful experience, thousands of testing, PROTEC has developed best bonding for most of the building materials from different areas all over the world. In order to keep our diamond tools products at a high level , we take the most advanced equipments in this industry,such as the automatic laser welding machine, automatic segment press and sintering machine etc.Our diamond tools products are manufacted coordinate to CE/EN13236.  Our products are designed to be durable and offer long lasting performance and value.

Our diamond saw blades are designed to last for a long time.They also feature a unique cutting design that helps to reduce friction and increase cutting speed. Our diamond saw blades are designed to be used on a variety of materials, including concrete, masonry, tile, natural stone, and asphalt. 

The factory will typically have a range of different diamond saw blades available, depending on the specific application. Diamond saw blades come in different sizes, shapes and configurations, and the diamond saw blade factory will work with customers to ensure that they have the right blade for the job. The diamond saw blades are then tested and inspected to ensure that they meet industry standards. 

All of these efforts leading a significant grows every year. All our customers will find it is happy to work with PROTEC for the satisfying products and service .Our diamond tools are exported to more than 30 countries all over the world and we are the OEM supplier of some world wide famous brands. Looking forward to work for you.


In recent years, we have participated in many exhibitions and made many friends  in industry.

At the exhibitions, we displayed our products, such as diamond blades, diamond core bits,diamond saw blades, diamond polishing pads and other diamond tools.Our team introduced our products in detail to the customers at the exhibition, allowing to understand the technical parameter of our diamond saw blades.Due to the good quality of our diamond tools, they have become our loyal customers.

The exhibitions gave us a great platform to show case our diamond tools. We can also exchange ideas and insights with other professionals, which also expands our customer base.

We understand the requirements of different industries, so we can customize our diamond tools to meet the different needs of our customers.

We shared our knowledge and experience in diamond tools with visitors to provide them with a clearer understanding of our products technology and its applications.

The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of a substrate and a cutter head. The substrate is the main supporting part of the bonded cutter head. There are tiny diamonds on the cutter head, which can cut various types of materials at high speed, such as: ceramics, concrete, stone, asphalt, tiles wait.

We can divide the diamond saw blades into wide sink diamond saw blades, segmented diamond saw blades, keyhole slot diamond saw blades, turbine saw blades, bowl saw blades, etc.

Better bond and diamond concentration for maximum cutting speed, longer life and better cut quality.

We have been working hard to develop more and better products, so that our customers can get the best diamond tools.

Our Diamond Tools
Diamond Saw Blades

We offers best-in-class diamond saw blades. Make any cutting job easier, faster, and safer with quality diamond saw blades.

We carry diamond tools: Diamond Saw Blades,Diamond Bladers, Drill core bit,and Diamond grinding wheel.

Whether you’re cutting concrete, asphalt, tile, or granite.we have the diamond saw blades you need.

Why Choose Diamond Tools


Diamond tools are used in a wide range of applications, including cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, and engraving. 

They are used in the construction, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries, as well as in the medical and dental fields.


1. Diamond tools have high cutting efficiency and can be used for high-speed cutting.

2. Diamond tools have a long service life and can be used for a long time.

3. Diamond tools have high precision and can be used for precision machining.

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